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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, rare june rain. live pictures of a stormy bay area. the roads are wet and slick and will remain that way into tomorrow morning. it may not seem like much, but even a little rain this time of year can be record breaking. cloudy, muggy conditions in san jose tonight. and there's more rain in the forecast. we have team coverage.
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in san francisco, the weather is causing major problems. >> reporter: firefighters love this weather, passengers can't stand it. and here is why. 118 flights have been canceled today into tonight. people out here wish those clouds would just fly away. airline passengers at san francisco international checked the flight board like sports fans check the score boards. this woman is hoping for a change in her travel fortunes. her trip to san francisco was a disaster several days ago. i had to bly fly to boston with stopover in new york. i'm in doubt whether i'm going to make the connection flight to boston. >> reporter: carolyn is starting
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a job in portland tomorrow. she hopes. >> i booked the last flight to get there in time, and i'm missing it right now. >> reporter: how many flights have been canceled on you today? >> three. >> reporter: you seem to be holding up rather well. >> i've already cried about it, so. >> light rain and clouds in the area it's been here all day. it's creating the delays that we're seeing. we're expecting this type of weather until 1:00. >> reporter: firefighters see it as a chance to check out machinery and rest. >> we still have our peak staffing on board. but we're able to rotate people off for their regular days off. >> reporter: and what's coming this weekend are blue skies and warming temperatures, not what firefighters want to see, but a welcome sight at sfo.
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and not only is rain in the forecast. but tomorrow of all days, one of the runways is going to be closed. it could be a rough one. >> murphy's law. thank you. our meteorologist joins us from the weather center. this is not the summer that we signed up for, is it? >> no, june, typically the third driest month of the year. now we're just one week away from the driest month of the jeer. that would be starting july as we get into next week. now you can see our rain totals so far, close to a tenth of an inch around santa rosa. san francisco just under a tenth of an inch of rain. tomorrow if we get over .15, that would and record as well. and the conditions not changes much. even though the intensity of the rain has backed off a bit, here's why you're going to keep a close eye on your morning commute tomorrow morning.
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notice what happens at 5:00. you're seeing briefly moderate rain pushing through san francisco, big time impact there on your morning commute even for parts of the south bay. so tomorrow morning, it's going to be muggy and mild, 50s and 60s, but plan on taking that umbrella with you. we'll let you know how long those raindrops will be in the forecast. we're just finding out that the body of a woman was found on a beach. 48 year old era ward was last seen with her boyfriend of the couple fell asleep. when the boyfriend woke up, ward was gone. san mateo county sheriff searched for the couple for a couple days. last wednesday, ward's body was found about 20 miles away on a beach. the cause of the death has not yet been determined. new video just into the newsroom of an attack in the afghan capital.
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gunfire and explosions have rocked one of the most secure areas of kabul. this includes an area that has the u.s. embassy. the senate bill has cleared with key vote does spare. >> motion is agreed to. >> they voted 67-27 to move forward with the border comprehension bill setting the vote for later this week. 15 republicans joined all of the senate democrats to back this compromise. it would guarantee the completion of a fence along the border of mexico. harry reid filed a closure.
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will the court allow same sex marriage? we have multiple reports. nbc is in the castro, which is bracing for the news, but we begin in washington, d.c. >> reporter: the supreme court justices did something very unusual. they added another day for rulings. and that day is tomorrow. there were crowds gathering on the steps of the high court. some curious. >> it's great to, you know, see our government in action and be able to see that actually the democracy and watch it happening. >> reporter: some people against same-sex marriage. >> it's insane. this is insane what's going on. >> reporter: no ruling from the high court on gay marriage monday. chris perry and sandra styer walking out, optimistic today. >> getting a little bit closer to the end. it's monday. we'll be back tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow will be a
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lot like today. the high court sorting out six undecided cases. the lewiss are from massachusetts and have been married for five years. >> we're discriminated against on a regular basis in terms of our health care. we're double taxed as far as family health care. that's something straight couples don't have to pay. >> reporter: with a decision looming, a statement has been issued saying if the high court decides to strike down the state's ban on same sex marn, there will be a 25 day waiting period between the ruling and the start of same-sex marriages. chris perry says in her case, it's worth the wait. >> it's worth the wait. people see something good happen. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, early in the morning, people will start lining up for open seating. the doors open at 10:00 eastern time. in washington, d.c., i'm cheryl
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heard, more details. san francisco's castro district is prepares for big crowds the closer the ruling is released to pride weekend, the larger the crowd is expected to get. we are joined from the castro area. >> reporter: they've put up these invitations around the castro it says on decision day to come in castro street. but nobody knows which day. and as each day passes, the crowd estimate grows. >> well, you let me know when decision day is, and i'll staff it, okay. i don't know. >> reporter: at the eureka restaurant, the chef is preparing are to the busiest week of the year. >> anything you can do to prep ahead of time, making a bunch of stock right there. >> reporter: he knows starting thursday, visitors in town for pride weekend will pack his restaurant. it happens every year.
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mix in the u.s. supreme court's decision on prop 8, and you have a recipe for another big night. but no one knows which night. >> the later it gets, the more hectic it's going to be. >> reporter: that's because out-of-towners are starting to roll in for the pride celebration. banners and balloons are in place. barricades are at the ready. volunteers with the castro community on patrol are handing out safety whistles, waiting for word from the court. >> it makes logistics very complicated. >> reporter: the castro is already crowded with people attending the lgbt film festival. if the decision paves the way for same sex marn in california, there will be stages and music. if marriage is not allowed, stages don't go up. >> more and more out-of-towners are coming into san francisco, and that means the size of the crowd is potentially going to be
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two or three times what it would have been if it was just local people. >> it could help us. we don't know. we're planning forring busier. >> reporter: whatever the court decides, dobbyns and his crew will be working overtime. decision day planners will be checking the supreme court's blog tomorrow morning to find out if tuesday is the day. reporting live in the castro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the court did issue a ruling on the use of race in college, in college admissions. the court ruled 7-1 to send a texas case back to a lower court for another look. many call this a no decision. the case was initiated by several white students who claimed the admission criteria at the university of texas violates their equal protection rights. well, there's more backlash for celebrity chef paula dean. she has a line of cooked hams with smith field foods.
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she was also a spokesperson for smith field for the last seven years. last week, the food network dropped the 66-year-old chef. she recently admitted that she used the n-word many years ago. qvc is also reviewing its relationship with dean. the exclusive interview is on the today show right here on nbc bay area. orgets well, the biggest party in the country is taking place in chicago. hockey fans swarming the streets of chicago tonight as the blackhawks pull off a shocker in the final moments of the stanley cup finals. also ahead. this high wire act was safer than it looked. meet the bay area engineers who helped nik wallenda with every step he took. and where in the world is edward snowden. harsh words for china.
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continuing to follow a developing story. edward snowden, the man who leaked government see kres is playing an international game of cat and mouse. journalists tracking him were on a flight today from moscow to cuba, hoping to find snowden. he had a ticket on that same flight, but he was a no show. in the meantime, the united states is demanding russia return snowden to the unit. he is believed to be in russia after initially fleeing hong kong. u.s. officials had asked hong kong to arrest him, but
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legalities were behind the idea of him flying to moscow. >> this was a deliberate choice by the government to release a final difficult despite a valid arrest warrant. >> they say it is a serious set back in the trust between the united states and china. the chairman of the u.s. oversight committee has subpoenaed four people over the deadly attacks in benghazi. four people died in the september 11th attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in libya last year. delays in scheduling interviews reportedly prompted the subpoenas which were issued for officials involved in security. doctors are doing everything possible to help nelson mandela remain comfortable. he's in critical condition with a rio curing lung infection. this is the fourth time since september that the 94 year old has been in the hospital.
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he is a global icon for civil rights, helping to abolish apartheid in south africa in the 1990s. ochlt a federal judge is ordering the state to remove several thousand inmates out of prisons for health reasons. they are at high risk of contracting a deadly fungus. they were told today to transfer most of their black, filipino and medically at risk inmates because they're at a higher risk of illness known as valley fee of. the state has 90 days to comply. now a new story. were you one of the millions who watched this act? nik wallenda walked a tightrope across the grand canyon with no safety rope. and he got help from a bay area company. it's amazing. >> nik wallenda walked the tightrope, a lot of tail biting moments for those of us of whatting nik wallenda cross the
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little colorado river georgorge. but they used technology trcread right here in the bay area. >> no harness, no safety net. just sheer guts. it wasn't easy. >> so i tried to react. and when i'd react, i'd kick that rhythm into the cable. >> what lien da wasn't alone. his crew was on the ground. they used four of these integrated sensor twooets or portable weather stations and placed them around the canyon. >> we monitored the wind speed during the walk to make sure he'd have a safe endeavor there and not get blown off from the cable. >> the information was then relayed to consoles like this one. >> you're getting real time from all four of the locations that they have the weather stations set at. >> knowing the wind speed and
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the temperature played a key role in his ability to walk across the 2 inch steel cable. >> the side walls as i was walking were getting in the way and confusing my. >> had he and his crew not used the technology, they literally would have been on their own with no idea how strong the wind would be. >> evil ca neefl. he would have taken his life in his own hand. >> now nik wallenda wants a tightrope walk between the empire state building and the criesler building. police commissioner has already said no way. but wherever he walks they will be using davis' technology. >> thank you. well, a bar fight is brewing in san jose's upscale willow glen neighborhood. people who live there say the willow den is attracting the wrong crowd. they want the city to shut it down after a tabbing over the
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weekend. but the owner says he's trying to change the bar's old reputation. the stabbing happened just after 11:00 on saturday night. >> we were able to contain it with about 18 officers. we did find one stabbing victim. by entering the bar we located the suspect in this case and took him into custody. >> the owner doubled security staff for the night because of that festival, but it wasn't enough, willow den has a valid liquor license and no code citations with the city. police are also looking for a group of suspected gang member whose attacked and robbed a couple yesterday afternoon. investigators say that the gang took the woman's purse and when the man tried to intervene, both were assaulted. bart workers will vote tomorrow on whether or not to authorize a strike after the two biggest unions filed a suit.
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they are accused of unfair labor practices and claims the agency is refusing to negotiate a new contract in good faith. bart officials denied the accusations calling it a smoke screen to cover up the demand for a 23% wage hike. the current contract expires on june 30th. let's bring in our meteorologist. we're talking about 118 cancellations at sfo. >> the runway work they're doing tomorrow, and the same conditions, at least through the first half of the day tomorrow likely will cause more cancellations and flight delays at sfo. if you've been outside this evening, it is mild out there. we have high humidity, mostly cloudy skies and a south wund bringing up mild air. not too windy outside right now. i do think the winds will pick up a little bit more as we head towards the morning. but look at the humidity here. 80 to 90%. we've got a lot of moisture at the low levels now.
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good enough for light patches of fog. right now, some periods of some light rain at times. west of downtown san jose, and a little more here from highway 85 to 101. this is part of another batch of moisture crossing over the santa cruz mountains, and this is going to fill in a little bit more after midnight tonight. in fact, the main event fort rain, with this particular system coming in from about 3:00 in the morning till about 10:00 tomorrow notiin the morning. 6:00, right smack-dab in the middle of the commute, you're going to deal with light to moderate rain at times. lunch time, some mod rate rain. then tomorrow night, lingering light rain as the rain starts to lift-off to the north by wednesday morning. and now finally by wednesday afternoon, that looks more like june. we've got the fog back on the
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coast and dry air inland and temperatures are really going to start to climb as we go through the second half of the week. if we get above a tenth of an inch of rain, that would break some records. and it does look like we'll see plenty of that. so the pattern is going to shift from one that is very moist to one that is dry and hot as early as thursday. look at that switch in the temperatures. into the 90s by thursday. tomorrow up areper 60s and low . for the afternoon,66 in san francisco. and from here, the rain is going to start to shut down. wednesday maybe a lingering sprinkle. look at the temperatures jump. and here's the stretch from thursday and beyond. we're seeing nothing but 90s and high pressure really getting its act together by monday and tuesday of next week.
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1 00. >> you're flirting with that 98, 99, 100, all right you? >> we're going to have to squeeze that in. coming up. the creator of star wars starts something new. but it's not a new movie. stay with us. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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baby boomers may be asked to get a test for hepatitis c the next time they go in for a doctor visit. they recommend any one born between 1945 and 1965 be screened for a virus. they account for a big percentage of the outbreaks. want to be a mailman? for the first time in two decades, the post office is holding a major recruiting
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drive. candidates lined up today on lunde avenue. they are looking for 500 part time letter carrier assistants. the job pays $15 an hour. you can also apply online. star wars creator george lucas got married. he married long time girlfriend at skywalker ranch. the 44 year old haubson was walked down the aisle by bill bradley. guests included steven spielberg and ron howard. a rough night for the giants and a historic night in the standly cup finals.
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let's bring in our comcast sports newsroom. if you're a giants fan you just want to cover your eyes.
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>> look away but come back. bochy announced pa guan would be out ten to 12 weeks, but they did get sandoval back tonight to face the dodgers. let's get out, you see sandoval taking some bp before the beginning of the game. this guy has really done it all and continued that tonight. madison bumgarner, 1-0 after that. and torres bringing the giants back. doubled down the left-field line. waukean comes in. he is day to day. and then 1-1 in the eighth. dodgers go up 2-1. they end up winning, 3-1, the final score. >> you know, waukean pulls a hamstring, but we put a good
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player out there. and we put our starting shortstop. and it's a streaky thing, when you're in a rut, what can go wrong will go wrong. and when you're in a winning streak, it's just the opposite. stanley cup finals, blackhawks up. under two minutes left in the third. chicago down 1, not any more. we have a tied game and 17 seconds later and he would score. chicago wins, 3-2. they've got the cup again. it is the second stanley cup championship in the last four seasons. rafael nadal falls to steve dar cease at wimbledon. and it's raining in june. who would have thunk.
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we're back in a moment with an interesting story about the olympic torch. stay with us.
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russia is taking the olympic torch to new heights. space. they will take the torch on a spacewalk as part of a four month relay leading up to t summer olympics. it will be unlit for safety reasons. the torch relay begins there in russia on october 7th and will cover more than 40,000 miles via car, plane, train, and reindeer sleigh. we've had several torch relays go through the bay area. that's always an exciting time, but now it will be heading to sew chi.
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our temperatures tomorrow, 60s and 70s, once we leave the rain, 90s by the end of the week. >> so june and summer will be here. >> combination of summer and winter, back to back. >> take it easy on that commute tomorrow morning.
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